This summer monthly workshops and weekly Practicas will keep you dancing!


Experience the Passion of Tango

Diana Devi offers Argentine Tango private lessons and group classes in the Twin Cities.

10 Surprising benefits of Tango you probably had no idea about.

  • Are you tired of coming home with nothing to do but turn on the television, only to discover there is nothing that excites you?
  • Do you want to think and feel better about yourself?
  • Do you need some inspiration to break out of that rut you're in?

Check out the links below to see for yourself why Argentine Tango may be what you're looking for!

Heart of Tango

What is argentine tangoWhat makes it different from other dances? Join filmmaker Johnny Robinson, in his short film, The Heart of Tango, as he examines the core factors that define tango as a personal dance.

Tango Obsession:

Tango transcends geographical, racial and cultural barriers. Meet a diverse group of people who share their personal experiences and thoughts about tango.

Tango... More than a dance.

Tango researcher, Patricia McKinley, shares the  benefits of Argentine Tango Dancing  as an ideal exercise to benefit social, mental and physical well-being across the ages.