February Tango Classes and guess who coming to town!

Tango Classes are moving Wednesday

Guess what!  Starting February 14, 2018, yes, on Valentine’s day we are moving our classes from Thursday night to Wednesday night!  We will have a special classes, filled with fun things for Valentine’s Day…   Fun things to do to express your passion in the 7pm class, the 8pm class we create those lovely spirals in your body which feel great in your body and in your partners.

February Class and practica: 
Feb 1st NO CLASS  ( nope – no class  – we are moving to Wed!) 
Feb 4th Practica ( YES even with the Super Bowl going on !!) 3-5pm 
Feb 7th Practica ( Wednesday) from 7-9 pm ( I will be in flight from Maui)
Feb 11th Practica 3-5 pm 
Feb 14th Tango class at 7 and 8 pm 
Feb 18th Practica 3 to 5 pm 
Feb 21st Tango Class 7 and 8 pm
Feb 25th Practica 3-5pm ….

Who is that masked man??  Why it is Guillermo Cerneaz of course….   He will be here in our fair cities of St Paul and Minneapolis in March……

We will be teach two classes on Wednesday nights…. stay tuned for more information. 

Interested in privates please contact me via email or text message, privates are filling up quickly….  I already have a list of people that are interested and he is only going to be here for a few weeks this trip….


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