Happy Holidays

Want to give someone a tango related gift for the holidays?  Maybe a little something for you for all your hard work this year?      

Gift certificates for group classes 10 for $120, or combination of group and private lessons.  Or private lesson packages!  Please contact me about these packages. More information will be posted to the website shortly.               

Want a little something else to put under the tree?  How about a Fabulous Foot Kit, everything you need to pamper your feet during this holiday season.  You will be able to dance the night away in comfort.  Ask me for more information.  On sale until December 20th at $15…  That is a 25% reduction in price…  But for a limited time only.

PRACTICE & TRAINING – We need both

What is the difference between practice as in what we do at practica and training also known as drills?  And do we need both?

Practica or practice is repeated exercise in or performance of an activity or skill so as to acquire or maintain proficiency in it;
As compared to Training to develop or form the habits, thoughts, or behavior of (a child orother person) by discipline and instruction.

In order to grow as a dancer we need to practice as well as  train our bodies as to how they move in relationship to others.

Often in dance classes or sports activities, we start with some individual exercises to train our bodies how to move then we move on to taking that concept into moving with a partner.    

The long and short of it is, in order to dance at our best we need both…  
There is a practica on Sunday at Triune as well as 3 other practicas in the twin cities.  Check them out!  As for drills the 8pm class is just the thing, it will provide you with the tools you need to build a stronger better you!!  

Practica – every Sunday from 3-5pm for $5 or $2.50 for full time college students.


Classes: December 7th & 14th at 7pm and 8pm. 
Practica:  December 10th &17th.
NO PRACTICA:  Xmas Eve (Dec 24th) or  New Years Eve (Dec 31st)
Classes resume January 3, 2018  

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Looking for the perfect Holiday gift?  I have a wonderful suggestion for you!  the Fabulous Foot Kit.

The kits are $20.00 ON SALE for $15 UNTIL DECEMBER 20TH!!  These kits include all the necessary items you need to pamper the feet that do so much for you.  Instruction kit and information on youtube videos included! Learn more here.

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