He’s Back! Armed (with Tango Knowledge) and Dangerous(ly funny)

Armed (with Tango knowledge) and dangerous (as in dangerously funny)
Armed (with Tango knowledge) and dangerous (as in dangerously funny)

UPDATE 11/1/17: Guille has returned to Buenos Aires.  But don't stress, he's planning to return for more Argentine Tango teaching fun in Spring 2018.  Keep an eye out for dates and your opportunity to schedule private lessons and attend his workshops.

Who is that masked man?? We know it's you...

Guille Cerneaz is back!  And, yes, he will be with us for 40 days and 40 nights....interesting period of time which I am sure has no underlying meaning !!

No disguise will fool us! That is Guille Cerneaz!

We will be teaching group classes together on Thursday nights: All levels class at 7pm and at 8pm the individual work..  More things are planned so stay turned!


Guille is available for private lessons.  Please contact Diana or Guille for details!  He fills up quickly so please don't wait to sign up for classes or privates.

ABOUT GUILLE (pronounced Gee-Jay, with a hard "G" like in "get".)

Guillermo Cerneaz  is one of the most creative, fun, and multi-dimensional tango dancers in the current world of tango.

Born & raised in Buenos Aires, Guille started dancing tango at the age of 19. He has been teaching tango for over 15 years in Buenos Aires and around the world.

In the past two years he has participated in many festivals such as the Portland Tango Fest, San Miguel de Allende Tango Festival, Tango Festival Toronto, Princeton Tango Festival, Valentango, Rosario Tango Festival, Tango Festival Philadelphia, Denver Natural Tango and Tango Weekend Warsaw. Besides working in the US he has been working on major tango events in Europe as well.

Guille is a charismatic teacher who focuses on the social aspect of tango. He has created a teaching method using exercises that help students to learn faster and dance in a more dynamic way. His classes are progressive and are built from the elements that the student already possesses, in order to be move creatively and dance more freely. As a dancer he is known for his musicality, speed and accuracy.

Guille is available for private lessons and his schedule fills up quickly. You won't want to miss out. Please contact Diana or Guille to learn more and sign up today!

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