Tango and Posture


So what is in store for November? 
Glad you asked , it is a great time for us to review the rest of the material that Guille and I taught PLUS working on the details to make it your own!  Did not make it to any of the classes we taught in October?  No worries, you will be able to ease right into it ! 

Tango and Posture the dynamic duo….  

Thanks to those of you that came.  We had fun, learned a lot and changed the way that we dance!  Those that missed, so sorry.  Never fear we will be offering again in a few months.   Thanks again to Becky Stanchfield.  Everyone felt a change in their body and was raving about the class!  

More about Posture and Tango:

What it is not ….  it is not about standing up straight  – it is about so much more.  Where does the weight fall on your heel?  Are you hyperextended at the knees or are they too bent?  Where is your head.  Is it too far forward ?  Where are you looking?  What are your shoulders doing?  Are you standing in a military position?  How do you sit in a chair?  How do you walk?  How do you walk intango ?  In either open or close embrace ?  Does it matter? Yes we covered all this and so much more..  Stay tuned for the next offering! 


Thursday classes 7pm and 8pm :
November 2nd, 9th, 16th and 30th.  YES we have 5 Thursday this month!! 

Sunday Practica 3-5pm no changes, Sunday from 3 to 5 pm.  No practica on December 3rd.  

Get ready for Luciana Valle!  She will be rocking the house with classes at the Triune Masonic Temple December 1- 4.  Want more information?  See https://www.facebook.com/events/283059392195649/ 


Looking for the perfect Holiday gift?  I have a wonderful suggestion for you!  The Fabulous Foot Kit.

The kits are $20.00 ON SALE for $15 UNTIL DECEMBER 20TH!!  These kits include all the necessary items you need to pamper the feet that do so much for you.  Instruction kit and information on youtube videos included! Learn more here.

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